Jesus fish sign - Σήμα Ι.Χ.Θ.Υ.Σ.

Greek Orthodox names
with not known Name Day

ADMITOS (Admitos)0not known  
ADONIS (Adonis)0not known  
ADRASTEIA (Adrasteia)0not known  
AELLO (Aello)0not known  
AEROPI (Aeropi)0not known  
AEROPOS (Aeropos)0not known  
AETHLIOS (Aethlios)0not known  
AFENTIA (Afentia, Afendia)0not known  
AGAMEMNON (Agamemnon)0not known  
AGAPINOR (Agapinor)0not known  
AGAVI (Agavi)0not known  
AGEFS (Agefs)0not known  
AGINOR (Aginor)0not known  
AGIS (Agis)0not known  
AGISILAOS (Agisilaos)0not known  
AGNO (Agno)0not known  
AGNODIKI (Agnodiki)0not known  
AGNON (Agnon)0not known  
AGORAKRITOS (Agorakritos)0not known  
AGORASTI (Agorasti)0not known  
AGORITSA (Agoritsa)0not known  
AIAKOS (Aiakos, Eakos)0not known  
AIAS (Aias, Aeas)0not known  
AIDONI (Aidoni, Aedoni)0not known  
AIGEFS (Aigefs, Aegefs)0not known  
AIGINA (Aigina, Aegina)0not known  
AIGISTHOS (Aigisthos, Aegistos)0not known  
AIGLI (Aigli, Aegli)0not known  
AIGYPTOS (Aigyptos, Egypt)0not known  
AILIANOS (Ailianos, Elianos)0not known  
AIMON (Aimon, Emon)0not known  
AINEIAS (Aineias, Enias)0not known  
AIOLOS (Aiolos, Eolos)0not known  
AIORA (Aiora, Eora)0not known  
AISHYLOS (Aishylos, Eshylos)0not known  
AISOPOS (Aisopos, Esopos)0not known  
AITHIR (Aithir, Ethyr)0not known  
AITHRA (Aithra, Ethra)0not known  
AKADIMOS (Akadimos)0not known  
AKTAII (Aktaei)0not known  
AKTAIOS (Aktaios)0not known  
AKTOR (Aktor)0not known  
ALBERT (Albert)0not known  
ALEMINA (Alemina)0not known  
ALKAIOS (Alkaios)0not known  
ALKAMENIS (Alkamenis)0not known  
ALKEIDIS (Alkeidis, Alkidis)0not known  
ALKETAS (Alketas)0not known  
ALKINOOS (Alkinoos)0not known  
ALKISTI (Alkisti)0not known  
ALKMENIS (Alkmenis)0not known  
ALKMINI (Alkmini)0not known  
ALKYONI (Alkyoni)0not known  
ALTHAIA (Althaia)0not known  
AMFIKTYON (Amfiktyon)0not known  
AMFITHOI (Amfithoi)0not known  
AMFITRITI (Amfitriti)0not known  
AMFITRYON (Amfitryon)0not known  
AMYGDALIA (Amygdalia)0not known  
AMYNTAS (Amyntas, Amyndas)0not known  
ANAKREON (Anakreon)0not known  
ANAXAGORAS (Anaxagoras)0not known  
ANAXIMANDROS (Anaximandros)0not known  
ANDROKLIS (Androklis)0not known  
ANDRONIDIS (Andronidis)0not known  
ANTAIOS (Antaios, Andaios)0not known  
ANTEIA (Anteia, Andeia)0not known  
ANTHEMIOS (Anthemios)0not known  
ANTIFON (Antifon, Andifon)0not known  
ANTIMAHI (Antimahi, Andimahi)0not known  
ANTIMAHOS (Antimahos, Andimahos)0not known  
ANTINOOS (Antinoos, Andinoos)0not known  
ANTIOPI (Antiopi, Andiopi)0not known  
ANTIPATROS (Antipatros, Andipatros)0not known  
APOLLODOROS (Apollodoros)0not known  
ARGENTINI (Argentini)0not known  
ARGOS (Argos)0not known  
ARHILOHOS (Arhilohos)0not known  
ARIEL (Ariel, Ariella)0not known  
ARION (Arion)0not known  
ARISTIPPOS (Aristipos)0not known  
ARISTODIKOS (Aristodikos)0not known  
ARISTOFANIS (Aristofanis)0not known  
ARISTOGEITON (Aristogeiton)0not known  
ARISTOMAHOS (Aristomahos)0not known  
ARISTOMENIS (Aristomenis)0not known  
ARISTONIKOS (Aristonikos, Aristoniki)0not known  
ARISTOULA (Aristoula)0not known  
ARKAS (Arkas)0not known  
ARKTOUROS (Arktouros)0not known  
ARMONIA (Armonia)0not known  
ARPINA (Arpina)0not known  
ARRIETA (Arrieta)0not known  
ASIMONI (Asimoni)0not known  
ASOPOS (Asopos)0not known  
ASTYANAX (Astianax, Astyanax)0not known  
ATHINAIS (Athinais)0not known  
ATHINION (Athinion)0not known  
ATHIS (Athis)0not known  
ATREFS (Atrefs)0not known  
ATTALOS (Attalos)0not known  
AVDIROS (Avdiros)0not known  
AVRILIOS (Avrilios, Avrilia)0not known  
AVXO (Avxo)0not known  
Beatrice (Bea, Beah, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatris, Beatrisa, Beatriss, Beatrix, Beatriz, Beattie, Bebe, Bee, Beea, Beeatrice, Beeatris, Beeatrisa, Beeatriss, Beeatrissa, Beeatrix, Beitris, Beitriss, Trix, Trixie, Trixy)0not known click for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
CHARLES (Charles, Karolos, Carolos, Carol, Caroline)0not known  
CORTESSA (Cortessa, Kortessa, Tessa)0not known  
DAEIRA (Daeira)0not known  
DAIDALOS (Daidalos)0not known  
DAMAS (Damas)0not known  
DAMASIAS (Damasias)0not known  
DAMASKIOS (Damaskios)0not known  
DAMASTIS (Damastis)0not known  
DAMIS (Damis)0not known  
DAMOFILI (Damofili)0not known  
DAMOFON (Damofon)0not known  
DAMOKLIS (Damoklis)0not known  
DANAOS (Danaos)0not known  
DARDANOS (Dardanos)0not known  
DEFKALION (Defkalion)0not known  
DEINO (Deino)0not known  
DEINOKRATIS (Deinokratis)0not known  
DEINON (Deinon)0not known  
DEINOSTRATOS (Deinostratos)0not known  
DELFION (Delfion)0not known  
DEXIPPOS (Dexippos)0not known  
DIAGORAS (Diagoras)0not known  
DIALEHTI (Dialehti)0not known  
DIAMANTIS (Diamantis, Diamandis)0not known  
DIANEIRA (Dianeira)0not known  
DIDAMEIA (Didameia)0not known  
DIFILI (Difili)0not known  
DIFILOS (Difilos)0not known  
DIKAIA (Dikaia, Dikea)0not known  
DIKAIARHOS (Dikaiarhos)0not known  
DIKTYS (Diktys)0not known  
DILIOS (Dilios)0not known  
DIMARATOS (Dimaratos)0not known  
DIMODOKOS (Dimodokos)0not known  
DIMOFILI (Dimofili)0not known  
DIMOFON (Dimofon)0not known  
DIMOHARIS (Dimoharis)0not known  
DIMOKIDIS (Dimokidis)0not known  
DIMOKRATIS (Dimokratis)0not known  
DIMOKRITOS (Dimokritos, Demokritos)0not known  
DINON (Dinon)0not known  
DIODOROS (Diodoros)0not known  
DIOFANI (Diofani)0not known  
DIOFANTI (Diofanti, Diofandi)0not known  
DIOFANTOS (Diofantos, Diofandos)0not known  
DIOHANTI (Diohanti, Diohandi)0not known  
DIOKLIS (Dioklis)0not known  
DION (Dion)0not known  
DIOTIMA (Diotima)0not known  
DIOXIPPI (Dioxippi)0not known  
DOROS (Doros)0not known  
DOTO (Doto)0not known  
DOURIS (Douris)0not known  
DRYA (Drya)0not known  
DRYKALOS (Drykalos)0not known  
DRYOPI (Dryopi)0not known  
DYMAS (Dymas)0not known  
DYNAMENI (Dynameni)0not known  
EFGNOSIA (Evgnosia, Eugnosia)0not known  
EFHARIS (Efharis)0not known  
EFIPPOS (Efippos)0not known  
EFKLEAS (Efkleas)0not known  
EFKLEIDIS (Efkleidis, Εuklides)0not known  
EFKRATIDIS (Efkratidis)0not known  
EFORION (Eforion)0not known  
EFPALINOS (Efpalinos)0not known  
EFPEITHIS (Efpeithis)0not known  
EFPOLEMOS (Efpolemos)0not known  
EFPOLIS (Efpolis)0not known  
EFRONIOS (Efronios)0not known  
EFTHYDIMOS (Efthydimos)0not known  
EFTHYKLIS (Efthyklis)0not known  
EFTHYMIDIS (Efthymidis)0not known  
EFTHYNOUS (Efthynous)0not known  
EHEKRATIS (Ehekratis)0not known  
EHIDNA (Ehidna)0not known  
EKALI (Ekali)0not known  
EKATAIOS (Ekataios)0not known  
EKATI (Ekati)0not known  
EKAVI (Ekavi)0not known  
EKTOR (Ektor, Hector)0not known  
ELATOS (Elatos)0not known  
ELIDA (Elida)0not known  
ELIKI (Eliki)0not known  
ELLANIKOS (Ellanikos)0not known  
ELLI (Elli)0not known  
ELLIN (Ellin)0not known  
ELVIRA (Elvira)0not known  
EMBEDOKLIS (Embedoklis)0not known  
ENARETI (Enareti)0not known  
ENIPPEFS (Enippefs)0not known  
ENYO (Enyo)0not known  
EPAFOS (Epafos)0not known  
EPIDIKOS (Epidikos)0not known  
EPIGENIS (Epigenis)0not known  
EPIKOUROS (Epikouros)0not known  
EPIKTITOS (Epiktitos)0not known  
EPIMENIDIS (Epimenidis)0not known  
EPIZILOS (Epizilos)0not known  
ERATOSTHENIS (Eratosthenis)0not known  
EREHTHEFS (Erehthefs)0not known  
ERGINOS (Erginos)0not known  
ERGOTIMOS (Ergotimos)0not known  
ERIFYLI (Erifyli)0not known  
ERMODOROS (Ermodoros)0not known  
EROFILI (Erofili)0not known  
EROTOKRITOS (Erotokritos)0not known  
ERRIETA (Errieta)0not known  
ERRIKOS (Erikos, Erick)0not known  
ERYMANTHOS (Erymanthos)0not known  
ERYXIAS (Eryxias)0not known  
ERYXIMAHOS (Eryximahos)0not known  
ESTIA (Estia, Hestia)0not known  
ETOIMOKLIS (Etoimoklis)0not known  
EVAGORAS (Evagoras)0not known  
EVALIOS (Evalios)0not known  
EVDIMOS (Evdimos)0not known  
EVDORA (Evdora)0not known  
EVDOXOS (Evdoxos)0not known  
EVELYN (Evelyn, Evelina)0not known  
EVGEON (Evgeon)0not known  
EVINOS (Evinos)0not known  
EVMAHOS (Evmahos)0not known  
EVMAIOS (Evmaios)0not known  
EVMILOS (Evmilos)0not known  
EVMOLPI (Evmolpi)0not known  
EVMOLPOS (Evmolpos)0not known  
EVNOMOS (Evnomos)0not known  
EVRIADIS (Evriadis)0not known  
EVRIDIKI (Evridiki)0not known  
EVRIPIDIS (Evripidis)0not known  
EVROPI (Evropi)0not known  
EVRYALI (Evryali)0not known  
EVRYALOS (Evryalos)0not known  
EVRYDAMAS (Evrydamas)0not known  
EVRYKLEIA (Evrykleia)0not known  
EVRYLOHOS (Evrylohos)0not known  
EVRYNOMI (Evrynomi)0not known  
EVRYSTHEVS (Evrysthevs)0not known  
EVRYVIADIS (Evryviadis)0not known  
FAETHON (Faethon)0not known  
FAIDIMOS (Faidimos)0not known  
FAISTIOS (Faistios)0not known  
FALARIS (Falaris)0not known  
FALEAS (Faleas)0not known  
FANIAS (Fanias)0not known  
FANODIKOS (Fanodikos)0not known  
FANOKLIS (Fanoklis)0not known  
FANOSTRATI (Fanostrati)0not known  
FEIDIAS (Feidias, Phidias)0not known  
FEIDON (Feidon)0not known  
FEREKYDIS (Ferekydis)0not known  
FERESYDI (Feresydi)0not known  
FEROUSA (Ferousa)0not known  
FILAINIS (Filainis)0not known  
FILEFS (Filefs)0not known  
FILINOS (Filinos)0not known  
FILISKOS (Filiskos)0not known  
FILISTOS (Filistos)0not known  
FILLIS (Fillis)0not known  
FILODIMOS (Filodimos)0not known  
FILOKRATIS (Filokratis)0not known  
FILOKTITIS (Filoktitis)0not known  
FILOLAOS (Filolaos)0not known  
FILOMILA (Filomila)0not known  
FILOPONOS (Filoponos)0not known  
FILOSTRATOS (Filostratos)0not known  
FILOTAS (Filotas)0not known  
FILOTERA (Filotera)0not known  
FILOXENOS (Filoxenos)0not known  
FIMIOS (Fimios)0not known  
FIMONOI (Fimonoi)0not known  
FINEFS (Finefs, Fineas)0not known  
FINTIAS (Fintias, Findias)0not known  
FINTYS (Fintys, Findys)0not known  
FOINIX (Foinix, Phoenix)0not known  
FOKYLIDIS (Fokylidis)0not known  
FORMION (Formion)0not known  
FOTILAS (Fotilas)0not known  
FRANGISKOS (Frances)0not known  
FRIXOS (Frixos)0not known  
FRONTIDAS (Frontidas, Frondidas)0not known  
FRONTIS (Frontis, Frondis)0not known  
FRYNI (Fryni)0not known  
FRYNIHOS (Frynihos)0not known  
FTHIA (Fthia)0not known  
FYLARHOS (Fylarhos)0not known  
FYLEFS (Fylefs, Fileas)0not known  
FYLLIS (Fyllis)0not known  
FYLO (Fylo)0not known  
FYRSI (Fyrsi)0not known  
GAIA (Gaia)0not known  
GANYMIDIS (Ganymidis)0not known  
GAVANIS (Gavanis)0not known  
GEITON (Geiton)0not known  
GELOS (Gelos)0not known  
GEMINOS (Geminos)0not known  
GI (Gia, Gaia, Gaea)0not known  
GIALAMAS (Gialamas)0not known  
GIASEMIS (Giasemis)0not known  
GIRYONIS (Giryonis)0not known  
GLAFKI (Glafki)0not known  
GLAFKIAS (Glafkias)0not known  
GLAFKIDIS (Glafkidis)0not known  
GLAFKOS (Glafkos)0not known  
GNISIPPOS (Gnisippos)0not known  
GOLFO (Golfo)0not known  
GORGIAS (Gorgias)0not known  
GORGO (Gorgo)0not known  
GORGOS (Gorgos)0not known  
GRAIKOS (Graikos)0not known  
GRAMMENOS (Gramenos)0not known  
GRYLOS (Grylos)0not known  
GRYNEIOS (Gryneios)0not known  
GYGIS (Gygis)0not known  
GYIS (Gyis)0not known  
GYLIPPOS (Gylippos)0not known  
GYPAIEFS (Gypaiefs, Gypaeas)0not known  
HAIREAS (Haireas)0not known  
HAIREDIMOS (Hairedimos)0not known  
HAIREIAS (Haireias)0not known  
HAIRESTRATOS (Hairestratos)0not known  
HAIRIMON (Hairimon)0not known  
HALKON (Halkon)0not known  
HARIDIMOS (Haridimos)0not knownclick for the saint's iconclick for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
HARIKLIS (Hariklis)0not known  
HARINOS (Harinos)0not known  
HARMIDIS (Harmidis)0not known  
HARMOS (Harmos)0not known  
HARON (Haron)0not known  
HAVRIAS (Havrias)0not known  
HEILON (Heilon)0not known  
HEIRON (Heiron)0not known  
HELIDONA (Helidona)0not known  
HERSIAS (Hersias)0not known  
HERSIFRON (Hersifron)0not known  
HIMAIRA (Himaira)0not known  
HION (Hion)0not known  
HIONI (Hioni)0not known  
HLORIS (Hloris)0not known  
HOIRILOS (Hoirilos)0not known  
HRYSIIS (Hrysiis)0not known  
HRYSIPPOS (Hrysippos)0not known  
HRYSOKOMIS (Hrysokomis)0not known  
HRYSOTHEMIS (Hrysothemis)0not known  
IAMOS (Iamos)0not known  
IAMVLIHOS (Iamvlihos)0not known  
IAPETOS (Iapetos)0not known  
IASION (Iasion)0not known  
IASO (Iaso)0not known  
ICONIA (Iconia, Eikonia)0not known  
IDAIA (Idaia)0not known  
IDAIOS (Idaios)0not known  
IDILI (Idelle, Hedili, Idella)0not known  
IDOMENEFS (Idomenefs, Idomeneas)0not known  
IEROKLIS (Ieroklis)0not known  
IETION (Ietion)0not known  
IFAISTOS (Ifaistos)0not known  
IFIKRATEIA (Ifikrateia)0not known  
IFIKRATIS (Ifikratis)0not known  
IFITOS (Ifitos)0not known  
IGELOHOS (Igelohos)0not known  
IGIAS (Igias)0not known  
IGIMON (Igimon)0not known  
IGISANDROS (Igisandros)0not known  
IGISIANAX (Igisianax)0not known  
IGISIAS (Igisias)0not known  
IGISIPPOS (Igisippos)0not known  
IGITOR (Igitor)0not known  
IHO (Iho, Echo)0not known  
IKARIOS (Ikarios)0not known  
IKELIDAS (Ikelidas)0not known  
IKETAS (Iketas)0not known  
IKTINOS (Iktinos)0not known  
ILEKTRA (Ilektra, Electra)0not known  
ILEKTRION (Ilektrion, Electrion)0not known  
ILIAS (Ilias, Iliada)0not known  
ILIONI (Ilioni, Helioni)0not known  
ILIOS (Ilios, Helios)0not known  
ILLOS (Illos, Helos)0not known  
IMVRIOS (Imvrios)0not known  
INAHOS (Inahos)0not known  
INIOHOS (Iniohos)0not known  
INO (Ino)0not known  
IO (Io)0not known  
IO (Io)0not known  
IOKASTI (Iokasti)0not known  
IOLI (Ioli)0not known  
IOLKIOS (Iolkios)0not known  
IOLLAS (Iollas)0not known  
IONI (Ioni)0not known  
IOVATIS (Iovatis)0not known  
IPIONI (Ipioni)0not known  
IPPARHOS (Ipparhos)0not known  
IPPI (Ippi)0not known  
IPPIAS (Ippias)0not known  
IPPODAMEIA (Ippodameia)0not known  
IPPOKRATIS (Ippokratis)0not known  
IPPON (Ippon)0not known  
IPPOSTHENIS (Ipposthenis)0not known  
IRA (Ira, Hera)0not known  
IRAKLEIDIS (Irakleidis, Heraklidis)0not known  
IRAKLEITOS (Irakleitos, Heraklitos)0not known  
IREAS (Ireas)0not known  
IRIGONI (Irigoni)0not known  
IRILLOS (Irillos)0not known  
IRINNA (Irinna)0not known  
IRODOROS (Irodoros)0not known  
IRODOTOS (Irodotos)0not known  
IROFILI (Irofili)0not known  
IROFILOS (Irofilos)0not known  
ISAIOS (Isaios)0not known  
ISANDROS (Isandros)0not known  
ISAVELLA (Isavella)0not known  
ISIODOS (Isiodos)0not known  
ISIONI (Isioni)0not known  
ISTHMIONIKIS (Isthmionikis)0not known  
ISTROS (Istros)0not known  
ITHAKOS (Ithakos)0not known  
ITHYKLIS (Ithyklis)0not known  
ITI (Iti)0not known  
ITYS (Itys)0not known  
IVI (Ivi)0not known  
IVYKOS (Ivykos)0not known  
IXION (Ixion)0not known  
IXIONI (Ixioni)0not known  
KADIANI (Kadiani, Kadiane)0not known  
KADMOS (Kadmos)0not known  
KALAMIS (Kalamis)0not known  
KALAS (Kalas)0not known  
KALLIANTHI (Kallianthi)0not known  
KALLIAS (Kallias)0not known  
KALLIDIKI (Kallidiki)0not known  
KALLIKLIS (Kalliklis)0not known  
KALLIKRATIS (Kallikratis)0not known  
KALLIMAHOS (Kallimahos)0not known  
KALLIMEDON (Kallimedon)0not known  
KALLINOS (Kallinos)0not known  
KALLIPATEIRA (Kallipateira)0not known  
KALLIPPOS (Kallippos)0not known  
KALOMOIRA (Kalomoira)0not known  
KALYPSO (Calipso, Callypso, Calypso, Kallypso, Kalypso)0not known  
KANELA (Kanela, Nelly)0not known  
KARANOS (Karanos)0not known  
KARNEADIS (Karneadis)0not known  
KARPO (Karpo)0not known  
KASSANDRA (Kassandra)0not known  
KASSANDROS (Kassandros)0not known  
KEKROPs (Kekrops)0not known  
KELEOS (Keleos)0not known  
KENTAVROS (Kentavros, Kendavros)0not known  
KIFEFS (Kifefs)0not known  
KIFISODOROS (Kifisodoros)0not known  
KIMON (Kimon)0not known  
KINISIAS (Kinisias)0not known  
KINTHIA (Kynthia, Kynthea, Kinthea)0not known  
KINYRA (Kinyra)0not known  
KINYRIS (Kinyris)0not known  
KIRKI (Kirki)0not known  
KISIOS (Kisios)0not known  
KLEANTHIS (Kleanthis)0not known  
KLEARETI (Kleareti)0not known  
KLEARHOS (Klearhos)0not known  
KLEINIOS (Kleinios)0not known  
KLEISTHENIS (Kleisthenis)0not known  
KLEITOS (Kleitos)0not known  
KLEODAIOS (Kleodaios)0not known  
KLEODAMOS (Kleodamos)0not known  
KLEOMENIS (Kleomenis)0not known  
KLEOMIDIS (Kleomidis)0not known  
KLEON (Kleon)0not known  
KLEOVOULOS (Kleovoulos)0not known  
KLITIAS (Klitias)0not known  
KLOTHO (Klotho)0not known  
KLYMENI (Klymeni)0not known  
KLYTAIMNISTRA (Klytaimnistra)0not known  
KLYTIDIS (Klytidis)0not known  
KLYTOS (Klytos)0not known  
KNIMOS (Knimos)0not known  
KOINOS (Koinos)0not known  
KOMNINOS (Komninos)0not known  
KONDYLENIA (Kondylenia, Kondilia)0not known  
KORYDON (Korydon)0not known  
KOUROS (Kouros)0not known  
KRANAOS (Kranaos)0not known  
KRATINOS (Kratinos)0not known  
KRATIS (Kratis)0not known  
KRATYLOS (Kratylos)0not known  
KREON (Kreon)0not known  
KRITIAS (Kritias)0not known  
KRITODIMOS (Kritodimos)0not known  
KRITOLAOS (Kritolaos)0not known  
KRITON (Kriton)0not known  
KTISIAS (Ktisias)0not known  
KTISIVIOS (Ktisivios)0not known  
KYDIAS (Kydias)0not known  
KYDON (Kydon)0not known  
KYMOTHOI (Kymothoi)0not known  
KYPsELOS (Kypselos)0not known  
KYVELI (Kyveli)0not known  
LAERTIS (Laertis)0not known  
LAHARIS (Laharis)0not known  
LAHESIS (Lahesis)0not known  
LAHIS (Lahis)0not known  
LAIOS (Laios)0not known  
LAKON (Lakon)0not known  
LAKYDIS (Lakydis)0not known  
LAMAHOS (Lamahos)0not known  
LAMBETIA (Lambetia)0not known  
LAMBON (Lambon)0not known  
LAMBROKLIS (Lambroklis)0not known  
LAODAMAS (Laodamas)0not known  
LAODAMEIA (Laodameia)0not known  
LAODIKI (Laodiki)0not known  
LAOFILOS (Laofilos)0not known  
LAOTHOI (Laothoi)0not known  
LASKARINA (Laskarina)0not known  
LASKARIS (Laskaris)0not known  
LASOS (Lasos)0not known  
LEFKATI (Lefkati)0not known  
LEFKIPPOS (Lefkippos)0not known  
LEFKON (Lefkon)0not known  
LEODAMAS (Leodamas)0not known  
LEOHARIS (Leoharis)0not known  
LEOKRATIS (Leokratis)0not known  
LEONTEFS (Leontefs, Leondefs)0not known  
LEOSTHENIS (Leosthenis)0not known  
LOIDA (Loida, Lois)0not known  
LORENTZOS (Lorentzos, Lorendzos)0not known  
LOUKRITIA (Loukritia)0not known  
LYKAIOS (Lykaios)0not known  
LYKAONAS (Lykaonas)0not known  
LYKEAS (Lykeas)0not known  
LYKIS (Lykis)0not known  
LYKOFRON (Lykofron)0not known  
LYKOMIDIS (Lykomidis)0not known  
LYKON (Lykon)0not known  
LYKOS (Lykos)0not known  
LYKOURGOS (Lykourgos)0not known  
LYSANDROS (Lysandros)0not known  
LYSIAS (Lysias)0not known  
LYSIKRATI (Lysikrati)0not known  
LYSIMAHI (Lysimahi)0not known  
LYSIPPOS (Lysippos)0not known  
LYSIS (Lysis)0not known  
MAIAS (Maias)0not known  
MAKAR (Makar)0not known  
MANTHOS (Manthos)0not known  
MANTIAS (Mantias, Mandias)0not known  
MANTIOS (Mantios, Mandios)0not known  
MARILIA (Marilia, Marie Sol , Maria Sole)0not known  
MAROULA (Maroula)0not known  
MARSYAS (Marsyas)0not known  
MEGAKLIS (Megaklis)0not known  
MEGALOSTRATI (Megalostrati)0not known  
MEGARI (Megari)0not known  
MEGAS (Megas)0not known  
MEGASTHENIS (Megasthenis)0not known  
MEGISTIAS (Megistias)0not known  
MELAMBOUS (Melambous)0not known  
MELANIPPIDIS (Melanippidis)0not known  
MELANTHIOS (Melanthios)0not known  
MELANTHO (Melantho)0not known  
MELEAGROS (Meleagros)0not known  
MELIKERTI (Melikerti)0not known  
MELISIAS (Melisias)0not known  
MELISSOS (Melissos)0not known  
MEMOS (Memos, Mema, Mehmet)0not known  
MENEDIMOS (Menedimos)0not known  
MENEKALOS (Menekalos)0not known  
MENEKLIS (Meneklis)0not known  
MENEKRATIS (Menekratis)0not known  
MENIPPOS (Menippos)0not known  
MENON (Menon)0not known  
MENTOR (Mentor)0not known  
MESINIDIS (Mesinidis)0not known  
METON (Meton)0not known  
MIAOULIS (Miaoulis)0not known  
MIDEIA (Mideia)0not known  
MIDEOS (Mideos)0not known  
MIKON (Mikon)0not known  
MIMNERMOS (Mimnermos)0not known  
MIRANTA (Miranta, Miranda)0not known  
MIRIONI (Mirioni)0not known  
MITIS (Mitis)0not known  
MITON (Miton)0not known  
MITRODOROS (Mitrodoros)0not known  
MITROKLIS (Mitroklis)0not known  
MNIMOSYNI (Mnimosyni)0not known  
MNISIKLIS (Mnisiklis)0not known  
MORFEAS (Morfeas)0not known  
MOSHINA (Moshina)0not known  
MOUSAIOS (Mousaios)0not known  
MYKINI (Mykini)0not known  
MYLLIAS (Myllias)0not known  
MYNIS (Mynis)0not known  
MYRINI (Myrini)0not known  
MYRMIX (Myrmix)0not known  
MYRNA (Myrna)0not known  
MYRTILOS (Myrtilos)0not known  
MYRTIS (Myrtis)0not known  
NAFKLEIDIS (Nafkleidis)0not known  
NAFPLIOS (Nafplios)0not known  
NAFSIKA (Nafsika)0not known  
NAFSIKRATIS (Nafsikratis)0not known  
NAFSIMAHOS (Nafsimahos)0not known  
NAFSINIKOS (Nafsinikos)0not known  
NAFSITHOI (Nafsithoi)0not known  
NAIRHOS (Nairhos)0not known  
NAPOLEON (Napoleon, Leon, Leo)0not known  
NAVMAHIOS (Navmahios)0not known  
NEDON (Nedon)0not known  
NEIOKLIS (Neioklis)0not known  
NEKLERI (Nekleri)0not known  
NEMESI (Nemesi, Nemesis)0not known  
NEOKLIS (Neoklis, Neoclis, Neokles, Neocles)0not known  
NEOKRITOS (Neokritos)0not known  
NEOPTOLEMOS (Neoptolemos)0not known  
NEOROS (Neoros)0not known  
NESSOS (Nessos)0not known  
NIFAII (Nifei)0not known  
NIIS (Niis)0not known  
NIKAGORAS (Nikagoras)0not known  
NIKARETI (Nikareti)0not known  
NIKIAS (Nikias)0not known  
NIKODOROS (Nikodoros)0not known  
NIKOKLIS (Nikoklis)0not known  
NIKOMAHOS (Nikomahos)0not known  
NIKOMIDIS (Nikomidis)0not known  
NIKOSTHENIS (Nikosthenis)0not known  
NIOVI (Niovi)0not known  
NIREFS (Nirefs)0not known  
NIRITI (Niriti)0not known  
NIRITOS (Niritos)0not known  
NISAII (Nisei)0not known  
NISAIOS (Nisaios, Niseos)0not known  
NISO (Niso)0not known  
NISOS (Nisos, Nesos)0not known  
NOIMON (Noimon)0not known  
NOMIKOS (Nomikos, Nomiki)0not known  
NOMIOS (Nomios)0not known  
ODIOS (Odios)0not known  
ODYSSEAS (Odyssefs, Ulysses, Odiseas, Odisseia)0not known  
OFELESTIS (Ofelestis)0not known  
OFELION (Ofelion)0not known  
OFELTIS (Ofeltis)0not known  
OGYGIA (Ogygia)0not known  
OGYGIS (Ogygis)0not known  
OIAGROS (Oiagros)0not known  
OIDIPOUS (Oidipous)0not known  
OINEFS (Oinefs)0not known  
OINOMAHOS (Oinomahos)0not known  
OINOPIDIS (Oinopidis)0not known  
OINOPION (Oinopion)0not known  
OISTROS (Oistros)0not known  
OKALEIA (Okaleia)0not known  
OKELOS (Okelos)0not known  
OKYPETI (Okypeti)0not known  
OKYRROI (Okyrroi)0not known  
OKYTIS (Okytis)0not known  
OLINOS (Olinos)0not known  
OLYMBOS (Olymbos)0not known  
OLYNTHIOS (Olynthios)0not known  
OMARIS (Omaris)0not known  
ONASIAS (Onasias)0not known  
ONEIROS (Oneiros)0not known  
ONESILOS (Onesilos, Onisilos, Onesilus)0not known  
ONITOR (Onitor)0not known  
ONOMAKLIS (Onomaklis)0not known  
OPITIS (Opitis)0not known  
OPSIMOS (Opsimos)0not known  
ORAIA (Oraia, Orea)0not known  
OREITHYIA (Oreithyia)0not known  
ORFEFS (Orfefs, Orfeas)0not known  
ORMENOS (Ormenos)0not known  
OROIDOS (Oroidos)0not known  
OROS (Oros)0not known  
ORTHAIOS (Orthaios)0not known  
ORTILOHOS (Ortilohos)0not known  
OTHON (Othon, Othonas)0not known  
OTOS (Otos)0not known  
PAFSANIAS (Pafsanias)0not known  
PAGONA (Pagona, Pegie, Pegy)0not known  
PAIONEIOS (Paioneios)0not known  
PALAIMON (Palaimon)0not known  
PALAIOLOGOS (Paleologos)0not known  
PALAMIDIS (Palamidis)0not known  
PALLAS (Pallas)0not known  
PAN (Pan)0not known  
PANDAROS (Pandaros)0not known  
PANDION (Pandion)0not known  
PANDOROS (Pandoros)0not known  
PANDROSOS (Pandrosos)0not known  
PANORAIA (Panoraia)0not known  
PANSELINOS (Panselinos)0not known  
PANTAZIS (Pantazis)0not known  
PAPPOS (Pappos)0not known  
PARIS (Paris)0not known  
PARMENIDIS (Parmenidis)0not known  
PARSENIA (Parsenia)0not known  
PASIFAI (Pasifai)0not known  
PASITHEA (Pasithea)0not known  
PATROKLIS (Patroklis)0not known  
PEISANDROS (Peisandros)0not known  
PEISISTRATOS (Peisistratos)0not known  
PEITHEAS (Peitheas)0not known  
PEITHO (Peitho)0not known  
PELASGOS (Pelasgos)0not known  
PELIAS (Pelias)0not known  
PELOPs (Pelops)0not known  
PENTHEAS (Pentheas)0not known  
PERDIKAS (Perdikas)0not known  
PERIANDROS (Periandros)0not known  
PERSAIOS (Persaios)0not known  
PERSEFS (Persefs)0not known  
PIGRIS (Pigris)0not known  
PIRO (Piro)0not known  
PITTAKOS (Pittakos)0not known  
PITTHEFS (Pitthefs)0not known  
PLANITIADIS (Planitiadis)0not known  
PLEIONI (Pleioni)0not known  
PLEISTONIKIS (Pleistonikis)0not known  
PLITHON (Plithon)0not known  
PLOTO (Ploto)0not known  
POLEMARHOS (Polemarhos)0not known  
POLYDAMAS (Polydamas)0not known  
POLYDAMNEIA (Polydamneia)0not known  
POLYDEFKIS (Polydefkis)0not known  
POLYDORI (Polydori)0not known  
POLYGNOTIS (Polygnotis)0not known  
POLYKASTI (Polykasti)0not known  
POLYKLEITOS (Polykleitos)0not known  
POLYKRATIS (Polykratis)0not known  
POLYMEROS (Polimeros)0not known  
POLYMIDIS (Polymidis)0not known  
POLYNOI (Polynoi)0not known  
POSEIDON (Poseidon)0not known  
POTHITOS (Pothitos, Pothiti)0not known  
PRAXITELIS (Praxitelis)0not known  
PRAXITHEA (Praxithea)0not known  
PRIAMOS (Priamos)0not known  
PROTAGORAS (Protagoras)0not known  
PROTEFS (Protefs)0not known  
PROTO (Proto)0not known  
PROTOGENEIA (Protogeneia)0not known  
PROTOGENIS (Protogenis)0not known  
PSALMAHARI (Psalmahari)0not known  
PSALMAHARIS (Psalmaharis)0not known  
PSAMATHI (Psamathi)0not known  
PSAMMITIHOS (Psammitihos)0not known  
PTOLEMAIOS (Ptolemaios)0not known  
PYRRA (Pyrra)0not known  
PYRRANTHOS (Pyranthos)0not known  
PYRRIAS (Pyrrias)0not known  
PYRRIMAHOS (Pyrrimahos)0not known  
PYTHAGORAS (Pythagoras)0not known  
PYTHEFS (Pythefs)0not known  
PYTHON (Python)0not known  
RADAMANTHYS (Radamanthys)0not known  
RAMFIAS (Ramfias)0not known  
REA (Rea)0not known  
REISIS (Reisis)0not known  
RIANOS (Rianos)0not known  
RIGAS (Rigas)0not known  
RIGILLA (Rigilla)0not known  
RIHARDOS (Rihardos)0not known  
RINI (Rini)0not known  
RINON (Rinon)0not known  
RISOS (Risos)0not known  
RITORIOS (Ritorios)0not known  
RIZOS (Rizos)0not known  
RODEIA (Rodeia)0not known  
RODEIAS (Rodeias)0not known  
RODOHROUS (Rodohrous)0not known  
RODOLFOS (Rodolfos)0not known  
RODOS (Rodos)0not known  
ROIKOS (Roikos)0not known  
ROLANDI (Rolandi)0not known  
ROLANDOS (Rolandos)0not known  
ROVERTOS (Rovertos)0not known  
SAKELLARIOS (Sakellarios, Sakellaris)0not known  
SARAFIANOS (Sarafianos)0not known  
SARAPION (Sarapion)0not known  
SARPIDON (Sarpidon)0not known  
SATNIOS (Satnios)0not known  
SEILINOS (Seilinos)0not known  
SEIRIOS (Seirios)0not known  
SEMELI (Semeli)0not known  
SFODRIAS (Sfodrias)0not known  
SIDI (Sidi)0not known  
SIKELI (Sikeli)0not known  
SIMMIAS (Simmias)0not known  
SIMONIDIS (Simonidis)0not known  
SINODINOS (Synodinos)0not known  
SISYFOS (Sisyfos)0not known  
SIVYLA (Sivyla)0not known  
SKAMON (Skamon)0not known  
SKEVOFILAKAS (Skevofilakas)0not known  
SKIPION (Skipion)0not known  
SKIRONIDIS (Skironidis)0not known  
SKOPAS (Skopas)0not known  
SKOPELIANOS (Skopelianos)0not known  
SMIHIAS (Smihias)0not known  
SOFILOS (Sofilos)0not known  
SOFILOS (Sofilos)0not known  
SPARTI (Sparti)0not known  
SPEFSIPPOS (Spefsippos)0not known  
SPEIO (Speio)0not known  
SPILIOS (Spilios)0not known  
SPINTHAROS (Spintharos)0not known  
STAFYLOS (Stafylos)0not known  
STAMOULIS (Stamoulis)0not known  
STHENELAOS (Sthenelaos)0not known  
STHENIDAS (Sthenidas)0not known  
STILPON (Stilpon)0not known  
STISAGORAS (Stisagoras)0not known  
STISIHOROS (Stisihoros)0not known  
STRATOKLIS (Stratoklis)0not known  
STRATTIS (Strattis)0not known  
STRAVON (Stravon)0not known  
SYNODI (Synodi)0not known  
SYRMOULA (Syrmoula, Syrmo)0not known  
SYROS (Syros)0not known  
TAIGETI (Taigeti)0not known  
TAINAROS (Tainaros)0not known  
TALOS (Talos)0not known  
TANTALOS (Tantalos, Tandalos)0not known  
TEIRESIAS (Teiresias)0not known  
TEISIAS (Teisias)0not known  
TEKTAIOS (Tektaios)0not known  
TEKTON (Tekton, Mason)0not known  
TELAMON (Telamon)0not known  
TELAVGIS (Telavgis)0not known  
TELESILLA (Telesilla)0not known  
TELESTIS (Telestis)0not known  
TELESTO (Telesto)0not known  
TERPANDROS (Terpandros)0not known  
TERPSITHEA (Terpsithea)0not known  
THALITAS (Thalitas)0not known  
THAMYRIS (Thamyris)0not known  
THARYPOS (Tharypos)0not known  
THEFDIOS (Thefdios)0not known  
THELMA (Thelma, Thelima)0not known  
THELXIOPI (Thelxiopi)0not known  
THEMIS (Themis)0not known  
THEODIGIOS (Theodigios)0not known  
THEOFRONIA (Theofronia)0not known  
THEOKRITOS (Theokritos)0not known  
THEON (Theon)0not known  
THEOXENIOS (Theoxenios)0not known  
THERSIPPOS (Thersippos)0not known  
THERSITIS (Thersitis)0not known  
THESIOS (Thesios)0not known  
THESPIS (Thespis)0not known  
THETIS (Thetis)0not known  
THIRIAMENIS (Thiriamenis)0not known  
THIVAIS (Thivais)0not known  
THOI (Thoi)0not known  
THOUKIDIDIS (Thoukididis)0not known  
THRASYLLOS (Thrasyllos)0not known  
THRASYMAHOS (Thrasymahos)0not known  
THRASYVOULOS (Thrasyvoulos)0not known  
THYESTIS (Thyestis)0not known  
THYIA (Thyia)0not known  
THYMOHARIS (Thymoharis)0not known  
THYONI (Thyoni)0not known  
TILEFASSI (Tilefassi)0not known  
TILEFI (Tilefi)0not known  
TILEFIDIS (Tilefidis)0not known  
TILEFOS (Tilefos)0not known  
TILEKLEIDIS (Tilekleidis)0not known  
TILEVOIS (Tilevois)0not known  
TIMAGORAS (Timagoras)0not known  
TIMAIOS (Timaios)0not known  
TIMANDROS (Timandros)0not known  
TIMARATOS (Timaratos)0not known  
TIMARETI (Timareti)0not known  
TIMENOS (Timenos)0not known  
TIMOHARIS (Timoharis)0not known  
TIMOKLEA (Timoklea)0not known  
TIMOLEON (Timoleon, Timos)0not known  
TIMONIDIS (Timonidis)0not known  
TIMOSTHENIS (Timosthenis)0not known  
TIREAS (Tireas)0not known  
TIRO (Tiro)0not known  
TITHY (Tithy)0not known  
TOLMAIOS (Tolmaios)0not known  
TOLMIDIS (Tolmidis)0not known  
TRIGONA (Trigona, Trygona)0not known  
TRIPTOLEMOS (Triptolemos)0not known  
TRISEVGENE (Trisevgene, Trisevgeni)0not known  
TROFONIOS (Trofonios)0not known  
TRYTON (Tryton)0not known  
TYFON (Tyfon)0not known  
TYFONI (Tyfoni)0not known  
TYHIOS (Tyhios)0not known  
TYNDARIS (Tyndaris)0not known  
TYRIMMAS (Tyrimmas)0not known  
TYRTAIOS (Tyrtaios)0not known  
VAFIS (Vafis)0not known  
VAFYKLIS (Vafyklis)0not known  
VAIVO (Vaivo)0not known  
VAKHYLIDIS (Vakhylidis)0not known  
VAKIS (Vakis)0not known  
VARITIMOS (Varitimos, Varitimi)0not known  
VELISSARIOS (Velissarios, Velissaria)0not known  
VELLEREFONTIS (Vellerefontis, Vellerefondis)0not known  
VENETIA (Venetia, Venice, Venetis, Venetios)0not known  
VENIZELOS (Venizelos, Venizela, Venos, Veni)0not known  
VIAS (Vias)0not known  
VION (Vion)0not known  
VOIO (Voio)0not known  
VOIOTOS (Voiotos)0not known  
VOREAS (Voreas)0not known  
VOROS (Voros)0not known  
VOTRYS (Votrys)0not known  
VRASIDAS (Vrasidas)0not known  
VRISIIS (Vrisiis)0not known  
VRONTINOS (Vrontinos, Vrondinos)0not known  
VRONTIS (Vrontis, Vrondis)0not known  
VROTEAS (Vroteas)0not known  
VRYAS (Vryas)0not known  
VRYMI (Vrymi)0not known  
VRYSON (Vryson)0not known  
VYRON (Vyron)0not known  
VYZAS (Vyzas)0not known  
XENARHOS (Xenarhos)0not known  
XENIDIS (Xenidis)0not known  
XENODAMOS (Xenodamos)0not known  
XENODIKI (Xenodiki)0not known  
XENOFANIS (Xenofanis)0not known  
XENOFILOS (Xenofilos)0not known  
XENOKLEIA (Xenokleia)0not known  
XENOKLIS (Xenoklis)0not known  
XENOKRATIS (Xenokratis)0not known  
XENOKRITOS (Xenokritos)0not known  
XENON (Xenon)0not known  
XOUTHOS (Xouthos)0not known  
XYNOFRON (Xynofron)0not known  
YAGNIS (Yagnis)0not known  
YDREA (Ydrea)0not known  
YDREAS (Ydreas)0not known  
YGEIA (Ygeia)0not known  
YLLOS (Yllos)0not known  
YLOTIS (Ylotis)0not known  
YPEIROHOS (Ypeirohos)0not known  
YPEREIA (Ypereia)0not known  
YPERIDIS (Yperidis)0not known  
YPERION (Yperion)0not known  
YPEROHI (Yperohi)0not known  
YPERTIMOS (Ypertimos)0not known  
YPERVOLOS (Ypervolos)0not known  
YPsIPYLI (Ypsipyli)0not known  
YVONNI (Yvonni, Yvonne)0not known  
ZABETAS (Zambetas, Zampetas, Zambeta, Zampeta)0not known  
ZAGREFS (Zagrefs)0not known  
ZALEFKOS (Zalefkos)0not known  
ZEFS (Zefs)0not known  
ZEFXIDAMOS (Zefxidamos)0not known  
ZEFXIPPOS (Zefxippos)0not known  
ZEFYROS (Zefyros)0not known  
ZIKOS (Zikos)0not known  
ZILOS (Zilos)0not known  
ZINIS (Zinis)0not known  
ZINODOROS (Zinodoros)0not known  
ZINODOTOS (Zinodotos)0not known  
ZITHOS (Zithos)0not known  
ZITIS (Zitis)0not known  
ZONAIOS (Zonaios)0not known  
ZOOGONOS (Zoogonos)0not known  
ZOTIATIS (Zotiatis)0not known  

total 976

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